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what we do

reduce long pending periods
and free up valuable staff time

SPS takes the Medicaid approval burden off you by gaining faster approvals and improving cash flow.

All without having to pursue paperwork or manage applications.
We handle your resident’s full Medicaid application:
confirm eligibility
Help confirm eligibility
Identify, locate and obtain ALL documentation
complete application
Present a 100% complete Medicaid Application
Manage communications with financial institutions + social services
Our expertise, knowledge and efficiency ensures all deadlines are met. You can rest easy, knowing that payment is soon and sure.
Help me ensure faster approvals and fewer denials
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how it works

How to use SPS to enable
faster approvals for your residents

It’s as simple as giving them our name
identify residents who may need medicaid
Find out which patients may stay at your facility long-term and will need financial assistance, then give them our contact information.

They get a free Medicaid training — and the chance to retain our services for a smoother, swifter, stress-free process.
get updates on their application status
Know when approval is expected, and how the application is going.

Plus, you’ll get their dedicated case manager’s contact info so you always have someone to reach.
enjoy improved cash flow
and more medicaid approvals
Our expert handling ensures documents are provided swiftly and presented correctly.

This way, your resident gets a quicker + easier Medicaid approval — so your bills get paid, faster.
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Medicaid pending cases put a tremendous strain
on your financial resources.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Every day I’m witness to the incredible financial stress the Medicaid application process brings to long term care facilities like yours.

You provide quality care and treatment without getting paid for months. Worse, there is no guarantee that you will ever get reimbursed.

After seeing so many facilities struggling with poor cash flow and unpaid bills due to slow Medicaid pending applications, I founded SPS.

Our service is unique. We take care of the full Medicaid application process, including gathering all paperwork. Our expertise means we slice the application pending time down by 40% with an approval rate of 99.999%.
In the process, we save your patients and their families unnecessary additional aggravation during a very traumatic time and give them priceless peace of mind.

We’ve grown from 5 employees to over 100 employees in just ten years and earned a stellar reputation in the process because our service is a win-win solution for your and your patients.

Medicaid is daunting.
Help your patients get the support they need to make applying for Medicaid a faster, easier process, and reap the immense financial benefits.

We look forward to partnering with you for better and faster
Medicaid outcomes,
Ben Mandelbaum
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Ben Mandelbaum
Ben Mandelbaum
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ben Mandelbaum co-founded SPS to help expedite Medicaid pending cases and increase approval rates. He designed a unique system that properly tracks, expedites and completes each Medicaid pending case, providing immense relief to thousands of facilities and individuals each year.
Ben’s intimate understanding of the Medicaid system has enabled him to refine and improve the Medicaid Application process in several states.
Ben earned a degree in finance and previously held several financial and senior executive roles at businesses in the healthcare industry.
Michael Steinberg
Michael Steinberg
Director of Business Development
Michael is instrumental in SPS growth and expansion. He leads the strategic marketing and development team, while overseeing client relations, sales analytics, and marketing implementation. He has helped grow SPS exponentially over the past decade, and continues to aid SPS in helping individuals experience peace of mind in more states and new facilities.
His previous positions as Sales and Marketing Manager for a homecare medical equipment company and Director of Community Relations at an adult daycare center have provided him with an extensive background in the Healthcare industry.
Esti Frankel
Esti Frankel
Director of Sales
Esti Frankel, a recognized accounting and finance expert for real estate brands and prime outlet malls, joined SPS in 2010. She is responsible for the company’s sales operations strategy and competently directs the SPS sales team. As a mother and a people’s person, Esti loves connecting with older people and is passionate about helping individuals navigate this challenging process without stress.
Esti holds a BA in business, finance from Hebrew Theological college.
Devorah Kanarek
Devorah Kanarek
Director of Operations
Devorah Kanarek has been helping Long Term Care facilities improve cash flow, payment and finances for over 15 years.
She joined SPS in 2015 to ensure streamlined, swift and efficient Medicaid approval process, and manages 100+ intake coordinators and case works, helping them consistently refine processes to ensure faster approvals and exceptional customer experiences.
Abe Jankelowitz
Abe Jankelowitz
Director of Medicaid Specialists
Abe started his healthcare career as a regional executive assistant in charge of helping facilities prepare for state surveys for a large healthcare brand. In 2012, he became executive director at a failing nursing facility and successfully transformed it into a profitable, growing establishment. In that role, Abe saw first-hand how challenging the Medicaid approval was for individuals, and was determined to change that.
Abe joined SPS in 2012 to help streamline and simplify the Medicaid process. He now trains SPS specialists to handle the Medicaid process with compassion, support and efficiency.
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