Senior Planning Services is the leading comprehensive Medicaid application company in the healthcare industry.

We have earned a stellar reputation by successfully guiding
thousands of individuals through the complex Medicaid process.

There are many specific guidelines for long-term Medicaid eligibility, which often change.
The approval process is tedious, overwhelming and very time-consuming.

Senior Planning Services undertakes the entire process on behalf of the applicant, minimizing the risk of failure and optimizing Medicaid eligibility.
Our resources and years of expertise developed through thousands of approvals are channeled into each application we prepare.

Senior Planning Services grants applicants and their families the peace of mind and support they deserve.
Message from the CEO
Bringing peace of mind to you and your family.
In my office, I have a stack of letters over a foot high.

It tells me the stories of people like you. Struggling through crucial medical decisions. Dealing with exorbitant expenses. Coming to terms with a new, painful reality.

Their Mom, Dad, the person they loved was aging.

On top of that, they faced an overwhelming, complex and tedious Medicaid application.

But there was no-one helping them.

That’s why I founded SPS.
We take the full Medicaid application process off your shoulders, so you’re free to care for the person you love.

In the process, we become more than just your Medicaid experts; we become family.

There are so many decisions to make.
Choosing the right facility.
Dealing with legal and government matters.
Putting possessions in storage and beyond.

Now, you have someone you trust to turn to.

Each year, we help over 3000 people experience a simpler transition process.
In just 10 years, we’ve grown from 5 employees to over 100 employees — because people know we’re here for them.

And that growing stack of letters I keep in my office? They’re from people we’ve helped, thanking us for supporting them through this difficult time. For making the unbearable easier to bear.

The Medicaid application process is daunting.
Get your application done for you, and take the stress out of the process.

We hope you choose us to make your journey easier,"
Ben Mandelbaum
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Our Team
Ben Mandelbaum
Ben Mandelbaum
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ben Mandelbaum co-founded SPS to help expedite Medicaid pending cases and increase approval rates. He designed a unique system that properly tracks, expedites and completes each Medicaid pending case, providing immense relief to thousands of facilities and individuals each year.
Ben’s intimate understanding of the Medicaid system has enabled him to refine and improve the Medicaid Application process in several states.
Ben earned a degree in finance and previously held several financial and senior executive roles at businesses in the healthcare industry.
Michael Steinberg
Michael Steinberg
Director of Business Development
Michael is instrumental in SPS growth and expansion. He leads the strategic marketing and development team, while overseeing client relations, sales analytics, and marketing implementation. He has helped grow SPS exponentially over the past decade, and continues to aid SPS in helping individuals experience peace of mind in more states and new facilities.
His previous positions as Sales and Marketing Manager for a homecare medical equipment company and Director of Community Relations at an adult daycare center have provided him with an extensive background in the Healthcare industry.
Esti Frankel
Esti Frankel
Director of Sales
Esti Frankel, a recognized accounting and finance expert for real estate brands and prime outlet malls, joined SPS in 2010. She is responsible for the company’s sales operations strategy and competently directs the SPS sales team. As a mother and a people’s person, Esti loves connecting with older people and is passionate about helping individuals navigate this challenging process without stress.
Esti holds a BA in business, finance from Hebrew Theological college.
Devorah Kanarek
Devorah Kanarek
Director of Operations
Devorah Kanarek has been helping Long Term Care facilities improve cash flow, payment and finances for over 15 years.
She joined SPS in 2015 to ensure streamlined, swift and efficient Medicaid approval process, and manages 100+ intake coordinators and case works, helping them consistently refine processes to ensure faster approvals and exceptional customer experiences.
Abe Jankelowitz
Abe Jankelowitz
Director of Medicaid Specialists
Abe started his healthcare career as a regional executive assistant in charge of helping facilities prepare for state surveys for a large healthcare brand. In 2012, he became executive director at a failing nursing facility and successfully transformed it into a profitable, growing establishment. In that role, Abe saw first-hand how challenging the Medicaid approval was for individuals, and was determined to change that.
Abe joined SPS in 2012 to help streamline and simplify the Medicaid process. He now trains SPS specialists to handle the Medicaid process with compassion, support and efficiency.