Rhode Island Medicaid

Anxiety. Stress. A myriad of guidelines.

It doesn't have to be that way.

At Senior Planning Services our goal is to simplify the Medicaid application process and alleviate some of the anxiety associated with it.

Senior Planning Services offers a comprehensive service concentrated wholly on helping families achieve the Medicaid coverage they deserve. After an initial consultation and assessment, Senior Planning Services' Medicaid specialists streamline the entire Medicaid process, assisting with everything from statements and paperwork, filling out applications, acting as a liaison, the spend-down procedure, through the final Medicaid approval.

At Senior Planning Services, our Medicaid specialists do more than just provide the information you need, but hold your hand, and walk you through the entire Medicaid planning and application process. Experts in the industry with over 10 years' experience working the Medicaid system, we offer our clients more than just sound advice throughout the Medicaid process. We implement it. From start to finish.
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What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a safety net. Many wrongly assume that Medicaid is a program for the poor, but that is simply not the case. There are exorbitant costs associated with skilled nursing care ranging anywhere from $10,000 and 16,000 monthly totaling to a whopping $120,000-$200,000 annually. Assuming an individual worked their whole life and saved a considerable portion of their earnings, chances are, with the ever growing life expectancy rate, they may still require some assistance with the staggering cost of a nursing home stay.

The government designed the Medicaid program to do just that. They will provide full Long Term Care coverage while maintaining a high level of quality care. There is however, a caveat. There are numerous rules and countless guidelines that govern Medicaid eligibility that our Medicaid specialists will guide you through.

Before all, Medicaid looks to establish three fundamentals.
• Financial status
• Medical need
• Citizenship status

Who Is Eligible?

Medicaid will cover the cost of long term care for individuals that are 65+ and/or disabled. The applicant must be a citizen of the US or qualified alien.

Financial Requirements

Requirement 1
Requirement 1
To Qualify for Rhode Island Medicaid, one must be a 65+ and/or disabled US citizen or qualified alien.
In Rhode Island, before anyone can qualify for Medicaid, they must spend-down their assets until they reach $4,000 in assets. Singles- $4,000, Couples applying together- $8,000, Spousal- $4,000 for the applicant and a maximum of $154,140 for the non-applicant for couples with only spouse applying.

It should be noted that Medicaid does not allow gifts or transfer within five years prior to getting onto Medicaid. If Medicaid does locate a gift or transfer they will impose a period of ineligibility for Medicaid coverage. The period of ineligibility is also referred to as a penalty, it will correspond to the amount of money that was gifted or transferred. Medicaid seeks to see the last five years of an applicant's financial transactions. (There are some excludable resources that Medicaid will allow an individual to keep.)
Medical Eligibility
Medical Eligibility
There is a screen which is be done by the nursing home staff which is known as "The Medicals." It is comprised of three forms; PM-1, 70.1 and the ID Screen

Medicaid will send down a nurse to do a physical evaluation to ascertain whether or not the individual need assistances with (ADL) Activities for Dialing Living (showering, feeding, toileting etc). The evaluation is also referred to as a (PAS) Pre-Admission Screening.

Why Our Medicaid Specialists Are Different

In a word: expertise.
At Senior Planning this is what we do. All day, every day. Our Medicaid specialists are equipped with the resources, relationships, and knowhow, to efficiently file and ensure our clients maximum benefits throughout the entire Medicaid process. We do not merely guide our families, we shoulder the burden like we are family, and are available at all times to answer any questions, and alleviate all concerns. At this particularly frenetic and overwhelming junction in your life, Senior Planning Services is there to exchange anxiety and stress with direction and clarity.

Our Medicaid Planning Services

  • Offer a free Medicaid Consultation
  • Assist in obtaining 60 months of bank and financial statements from financial institutions back offices.
  • Assist in obtaining verifications from banks regarding checks, deposits, and cash withdrawals
  • Guide families through the spend-down process
  • Assist families in utilizing excludable resources
  • Assist clients in the process of liquidating life insurance policies, annuities and stocks etc.
  • Obtain missing documentation from Vital Statistics, if necessary
  • Update client on status on a constant basis
  • Interact with the Department of Human Services
  • Submit application to Department of Human Services
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