Step 1

Free Consultation scheduled
SPS intake rep schedules a consultation at family's convenience
Step 2

The Consultation
SPS Provides a thorough education on the Medicaid process & guidelines
Step 3

An in Person meeting is scheduled
An SPS Medicaid Specialist meets with the family to review the Medicaid guidelines & gather basic financial historical information
Step 4

Dedicated Case Manager assigned
A call is placed to the family introducing their case manager
Step 5

Document collection
Financial request team requests the full financial history and other required documents
Step 6

Review team
Review Team analyzes the financial statements and highlights problematic transactions
Step 7

Constant Communication
Case manager coordinates all communication between facility and family
Step 8

Application submitted
A complete application is submitted to the Medicaid office
Step 9

Monthly Reports
Monthly status reports are sent to facility providing updates on all active cases
Step 10

Medicaid approval
Upon Medicaid approval, an email is sent to the facility along with a copy of the approval letter