Massachusetts Medicaid

The Nursing Home environment allows the Senior to enjoy their old age surrounded by friends along with extra medical supervision and is structured to ease the life of the senior so they can enjoy their days in comfort and happiness.

Unfortunately, this comes with a large price tag.

The cost to provide proper care and therapy services to the seniors is exorbitant, and the senior must contribute a substantial amount on a monthly basis. For the average professional senior, the nursing home setting can exhaust his retirement accounts within a few short years.

The federal government partners with each state individually to create a financial program to pay for benefits in the Nursing Home, ensuring that the seniors of our country receive the proper care in their old age. In Massachusetts this program is called MassHealth.
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Who is eligible for MassHealth?

MassHealth has a complicated application process to ensure the benefits are being paid out to eligible applicants. As each senior has their own portfolio that has been compiled through their lifetime, there are specific guidelines and regulations that pertain to each case. Senior Planning Services has a handle on the countless rules and regulations to ensure the application is submitted correctly. Every case retained by Senior Planning Services is handled by an experienced case manager who guides the applicant and family on the steps needed to obtain the approval quickly and easily.

There are a few basic requirements to be eligible for MassHealth:
• Be a legal U.S. citizen
• Be a resident of Massachusetts
• Meet income and asset requirements
• Be 65 years of age OR be blind or permanently disabled

Financial Requirements

• The applicant must have limited assets to be financially eligible for MassHealth. The total assets for a single applicant must be under 2K.
• If there is husband and wife applying for MassHealth, they can keep $2,000 in each of their names.
• If either the husband or wife is applying while the other spouse is living in the community, the maximum is $54,140.00 The applicant can keep 2K in his/her name.
The applicant's monthly income is due to the facility monthly. MassHealth will supplement the remainder of the facility balance after the PPA/Income payment is posted to the account. There are a few allowable deductions that can be paid out of the applicant's income.
1. Secondary Insurance Premium
2. PNA allowance – the applicant can keep $72.80 monthly which can be used for personal expenses
Based on the circumstances of an individual case, a spouse may be able to keep a portion of the applicant's income.
Clinical eligibility
Clinical eligibility
The state completes a clinical review to determine if the applicant is eligible for the program. This is dependent on the applicant's ability to independently perform the ADLs (activities of daily living).

Why Our Medicaid Specialists Are Different

In a word: expertise.
At Senior Planning Services, this is what we do all day, every day. Our Medicaid specialists have the resources, relationships, and know-how to help our clients maximize their benefits. We don't just guide individuals, couples, and families through the Medicaid process—we shoulder the burden to provide all the answers and alleviate all concerns during this particularly overwhelming junction of life.

Our Medicaid Planning Services

  • Offer a free Medicaid Consultation
  • Assist in obtaining 60 months of bank and financial statements from financial institutions back offices.
  • Assist in obtaining verifications from banks regarding checks, deposits, and cash withdrawals
  • Shoulder burden to provide all verification to satisfy all Medicaid's requests.
  • Assist families in utilizing excludable resources
  • Assist clients in the process of liquidating life insurance policies, annuities, and stocks etc.
  • Obtain missing documentation from the Vital Statistics office, if necessary
  • Update client on status on a consistent basis
  • Submit application to the county Board of Social Services
  • Interact with the Board of Social Services caseworker regularly
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